LRE 62-080: The COMPASS Project


Adapting Bilingual Dictionaries for On-Line Comprehension Assistance

The COMPASS crew at the Final Review Meeting at RXRC, Grenoble, in April 1996.
From left to right: Elisabeth Breidt, Helmut Feldweg, Sue Atkins, Lauri Karttunen Annie Zaenen, Nicholas Ostler, Irene Maxwell, Hélène Lewis, Nadine Zaouche, Giuseppe Valetto, Romeo Peter Wetzel

The COMPASS project aims at the adaption and integration of bilingual print dictionaries into an intelligent, context-sensitive dictionary look-up system. The project is funded by the Commission of the European Union under the Linguistic Research and Engineering Programme. It runs from April 1994 until March 1996.

The following documentation on the project is currently available online:

The main focus of the Tübingen group of the project is the analysis, preparation, and enrichment of the Collins German-English dictionary. We have developed a dictionary lookup tool for ready access to the tagged version of this dictionary. Note that the access to the tool is restricted to in-house use only due to license restrictions.

The Tübingen group is also involved in the development of a German language model for Xerox' LocoLex system which serves as the lookup engine of COMPASS. One module for this German model is a part-of-speech disambiguator based on a Hidden Markov Model for German.

For the language pair German-English, the COMPASS system has been tested with a number of selected articles from German newspapers.

The following people were involved in the Tübingen team of the COMPASS project: