Package de.tuebingen.uni.sfs.germanet.api

Class Summary
CompoundInfo A CompoundInfo shows constituent parts of a German word, their word categories and attributes.
Example An Example consists of a text String and an optional Frame.
Frame A class to store Frame data.
GermaNet Provides high-level look-up access to GermaNet data.
IliRecord An IliRecord consists of a German word, corresponding English word (or words), and a relation connecting them.
LexUnit A LexUnit consists of an orthForm (represented as a String), an orthVar (can be empty), an oldOrthForm (can be empty), and an oldOrthVar (can be empty).
Synset A Synset belongs to a WordCategory (WordCategory.adj, WordCategory.nomen, WordCategory.verben) and consists of a paraphrase (Strings) and a list of LexUnits.
WiktionaryParaphrase A WiktionaryParaphrase consists of the Wiktionary sense definition (represented as a String), the Wiktionary word and sense ids, the corresponding GermaNet LexUnit id, and an attribute edited (boolean).

Enum Summary
CompoundCategory Enumeration of possible compound word categories, i.e., part-of-speech.
CompoundProperty Enumeration of possible compound attributes.
ConRel Enumeration of all conceptual relations.
EwnRel Enumeration of all lexical relations.
LexRel Enumeration of all lexical relations.
WordCategory Enumeration of possible word categories, i.e., part-of-speech.
WordClass Enumeration of possible word classes.