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Interlingual Index

EuroWordNet is an extensive multilingual lexical database that was developed to connect wordnets of different languages to each other. The central component of this database is the Interlingual Index (ILI) that represents an unstructured list of meanings that allows a mapping of concepts of different languages. In the context of EuroWordNet, 20,000 ILI records were created for GermaNet. This allows the mapping of GermaNet senses to the corresponding entries in the Princeton WordNet.

In the EuroWordNet framework, GermaNet has been linked to Princeton WordNet 2.0. We have used mappings from WordNet 2.0 to WordNet 3.0 provided by the NLP group of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya to link GermaNet synsets to WordNet 3.0. The mapping to WordNet 3.0 was created automatically, thus we can not guarantee 100% accuracy of that mapping.

For more information about the EuroWordNet, please see the project webpages of the GlobalWordNet and the EuroWordNet project.


We have revised and extended the German part of the ILI. The updated version of the German part of the ILI is included in the GermaNet release (since release 7.0) and also freely available for download:

For a description of the format of the files, please see page XML Files.