Funded by the Volkswagen-Foundation, Germany

Summer School 2000 in Sozopol (Bulgaria)

Dates: August 25th - September 8th 2000 (days of arrival and departure)

Place: Sozopol, Bulgaria. Directions to Sozopol from Sofia and from Bourgas.

Address of the Summer School site:
Hotel Flagman
1 Odessa Str.
tel: (05514) 4301, 4302
Here's a map of Sozopol that shows the location of our hotel.

Language: English

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Pictures of Sozopol

Marin Dimitrov's pictures of the CLaRK Summer School 2000

Marin's pictures are also available from two other sites: Site 1 (.com) and Site 2 (.bg).

Some of Irina's pictures of the CLaRK Summer School 2000

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Erhard Hinrichs, Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, University of Tübingen
Frank Richter, Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, University of Tübingen
Kiril Ivanov Simov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Participants should be doctoral students who research the interfaces between computer science, cognitive science, linguistics, mathematics and philosophy. In exceptional cases, outstanding students in the final year of masters level studies who intend to pursue a doctorate will also be considered. The summer school is limited to 25 students. Places are competitively allocated on the basis of the research interests of the students and the perceived benefits to those interests of attending the summer school. Participants must be proficient in English.


Via the CLaRK Program, the Volkswagen-Foundation will provide stipends for up to 6 students from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and 6 further students from Bulgaria. The stipends will be awarded on a competitive basis. The stipends will comprise travel costs (up to DEM 600), and room and board for the duration of the summer school. At the discretion of the CLaRK Program, the stipends may include additional support for travel costs above DEM 600.


Applications with a completely filled in registration form, a curriculum vitae, and a short (maximum three pages) summary of relevant past and present research and education must be submitted to the Office of the International Centre at Tübingen by 30th April 2000. Applicants seeking a CLaRK stipend must also include a letter of recommendation with their application. The event number that the registration form asks for is 5.

Internationales Zentrum für Wissenschaftliche Zusammenarbeit
Universität Tübingen
Keplerstr. 17
D - 72074 Tübingen
Tel.: (0049) 7071 / 29 - 77352 or /29 - 74156
Fax: (0049) 7071 / 29 5989

Content and Goals

Computational linguistics and knowledge representation are two distinct disciplines that share a common concern with what knowledge is, how it is used, and how it is acquired. However, though knowledge representation and computational linguistics clearly address broadly similar research problems, research within each of these fields has hitherto been largely ignorant of research in the other. Moreover, the ignorance the two fields have of each other both fosters and is fostered by a wide gulf between the educations received by students of knowledge representation and students of computational linguistics.
The goal of the summer school is to help bridge this gulf by introducing the summer school students to recent developments in the interdisciplinary field of computational linguistics and knowledge representation. The summer school will take the form of courses in various topics. The program provisionally includes courses in computational morphology, corpus linguistics, declarative knowledge representation, natural language semantics, Slavic syntax and psycholinguistics..

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Kiril Ivanov Simov (Sofia):
Frank Richter (Tübingen):

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