TuLiPA: the Tübingen Linguistic Parsing Architecture
The Tübingen Linguistic Parsing Architecture is a syntactic parsing environment currently supporting Multi-Component Tree Adjoining Grammars with Tree Tuples (TT-MCTAG, [1]) and Range Concatenation Grammars (RCG, [2]). It is currently being developed within the Emmy Noether project.
GerTT: German TT-MCTAG
GerTT is a grammar fragment of German in TT-MCTAG, that is currently being developed within the Emmy Nother Project. The implementation of GerTT is performed using the metagrammar system XMG, whose output format is the input format for the TuLiPA system. The design and implementation of GerTT was considerably supported by TuLiPA.

GerTT consists of the following components: In order to explore GerTT, we recommend the TuLiPA system, for which the necessary compilations are enclosed. GerTT may be used and distributed under LGPLLR (Lesser General Public License For Linguistic Resources). Main developers: Laura Kallmeyer und Timm Lichte.
treeconv: Treebank viewer and format conversion tool
treeconv is a format conversion tool with a tree viewer. Please check the treeconv homepage for more information. Main developer: Wolfgang Maier
rparse: A parser for Probabilistic Simple Range Concatenation Grammar
rparse is a parser for data-driven parsing of Probabilistic Simple Range Concatenation Grammar. It allows for a direct processing of discontinuous structures.
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