What is Linguistics?

Linguistics is a science concerning itself with the research of human language. Linguists explore the nature of the structures and features underlying the human ability to communicate. We try to find common patterns across different languages, and systematic differences between them. In doing so, we often cross the boundaries of our own ressort, using techniques commonly found throughout humanities and natural sciences, including psychology, philosophy, philology, and computer science, as well as physics, mathematics and biology.

The Seminar for General Linguistics ("Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft") offers a cosmopolitan environment and a scientifically well-founded course program for a B.A. degree as a minor or major. Most lectures, especially the introductory ones, use English as their main teaching language and thus prepare the student adequately for a later life in interanational research or the industry.

Interested students are offered the possibility to apply for a continuative M.A. program, and extend their knowledge of linguistics. During the M.A. program the student will obtain higher academic qualifications and will thus be prepared to explore the newest and most exciting areas of current linguistic research.