Accomodation in Tübingen

Since the situation on the Tübingen housing market is rather tense at the beginning every semester, we strongly recommend that you start looking for a place as soon as possible.

Student Services Organisation

Tübingen University owns several dormitories. When you apply at the Student Services Organization (Studentenwerk), your application holds for all these dormitories at the same time.

To apply for a room, you must fill out an online-application form (available in german or english). Applications for the winter term are possible from 1.April on.
Applications for the summer term are possible from 1.October of the prevoius year. To get more information about the application procedure please klick here (only available in german).

If you are willing to rent the dormitory room starting September rather than October you will have a better chance at finding a room! Once your application has been approved, the Student Services Organization will send you the lease which you should sign and fax back as soon as possible. If you rent a room in September and intend to arrive in October, please remember to transfer your rent to the Student Services Organisation's bank account on time.

Private Student Residences

There are several private student residences in Tübingen:

  • Wohnheim Postraße 7
    72072 Tübingen.
    Tel.: 07071 / 15 22 31
    34 rooms. Applications forms are sent on request.
  • Wohnheim Philosophenweg 67,
    72076 Tübingen.
    Tel. 6 15 69
    51 rooms. No waiting lists, call at the end of each month.
  • Tübinger Studentenwerk e.V.:
    - Wohnheim Annette Kade, Mohlstraße 44, 72074 Tübingen
    - Wohnheim Geigerle, Charlottenstraße 8, 72070 Tübingen
    Tel. 9 24 90
    Information and application forms are available at Application form can be faxed to the dormitory.
  • Carlo-Sonnenschein-Haus,
    Schickhardstraße 9, 72072 Tübingen.
    Tel. 79 52 30
    135 rooms;
  • Rechberghaus,
    Stöcklestraße 36, 72070 Tübingen.
    Tel. 07071 / 7947-900
    115 rooms. # Information and application forms are available at
  • Karl-Heim-Haus,
    Herrenberger Straße 22, 72070 Tübingen.
    Tel. 4 56 16
    95 rooms. Apply early.
  • Johann-Gottlieb-Fichte-Haus,
    Herrenberger Straße 40, 72070 Tübingen.
    Tel. 4 91 27
    70 rooms. Apply online.
  • Adolf-Schlatter-Haus,
    Österbergstraße 2, 72074 Tübingen.
    Tel. 2 30 97
    18 rooms. Information and application forms availabe at Only for female students interested in participating in the activities of ESG (Evangelic Student Community)..
  • Professor-Rebel-Haus,
    Fichtenweg 6, 72076 Tübingen.
    Tel. 6 37 94
    60 rooms. For couples and families only.
  • Edith-Stein-Haus,
    Gösstraße 55, 72070 Tübingen.
    Tel. 07121 / 241363, Fax: 79 36 301
    98 rooms. Female students only! Send an email to to apply. Explain who you are and what country you're from, and how you will be financing your studies. More information at
  • Wohnheim Christian-Laupp-Straße 4,
    72072 Tübingen.
    Tel. 07071 / 218 42, or: 0151 225 225 84
    18 rooms. No waiting lists.
  • Erasmus Haus Katholische Hochschulgemeinde,
    Belthlestraße 40, 72070 Tübingen.
    Tel. 94 46 11
    26 rooms.

(Note that the area code for Tübingen is 07071 -- for calls from Germany and +49 7071 -- for international calls)

Private Rent Market

Since waiting lists for the student residences are usually rather long, you might want to consider other accomodation possibilities..

Announcements and advertisements in the private accomodation sector can be found in the local newspaper Schwäbisches Tagblatt on Wednesdays (Mittwochmarkt). You might also want to consider offers for accomodation in cities and villages around Tübingen which are usually less expensive and well connected to the University via public transport.

There are many online search website such as, where you can find free rooms or flats for lease.

Youth Hostels

If you are in need of short term accomodation, Youth Hostel Tübingen provides overnight rooms for students.