To you begin your studies at the university you must enroll at the student office (Studentensekretariat), which is located at Wilhelmstrasse 11 and is open Mon, 1pm - 3:30pm and Tue through Fri, 8:30am - 11am. 
  Students can also call the hotline (07071/ 29-77724) Mondays through Fridays, from 9 - 11am for more information.
  German students have the option to enroll by post. International students, however, must enroll at the office in person.

  Students who have not yet received the application forms (Einschreibeunterlagen) with their letters of admission (Zulassungsbescheid), can collect them at the student office. There they will receive the forms that already have a matriculation number on them, and a payment transfer form for the semester contribution which every student has to pay to the student services organization (Studentenwerk).

  Enrollment requirements:

  •  Filled-in application form
  •  Letter of Admission
  •  Passport and visa (where applicable)
  •  School (and university) diplomas (originals or certified copies)
  •  A copy of your registration at the Tübingen Registration Office
  •  Proof of health insurance
  •  A couple of signed passport photos.

  The enrollment deadline for international students ends on the last Friday before the beginning of the new semester. German students are required to enroll earlier (see letter of admission for deadline).

  Note that the student offices come under a lot pressure during the last days before the deadline. Plan ahead and enroll early.

 The orientation course of the academic advice center (Akademisches Beratungszentrum), provides advice and help with the process of matriculation.

  Students will receive their student ID cards in the mail about 2-6 weeks after enrollment.


  Returning students are required to re-register in order to continue their studies. The re-enrollment deadline is usually the last month of the ongoing semester.

  Late students will be fined a later registration fee. Students who miss the extended registration deadline will be automatically exmatriculated.

  The deadline dates can be found at the Student Offices Website.


Semester Holidays

  If you are booking a return ticket in advance to go home during Christmas break, please note that lectures and classes usually end on Dec 22nd/ 23rd and resume around Jan 6th.

  Semester holidays and other important dates can be found here.