Life in Tübingen

Living Expenses

Tübingen's everday life has been characterized by its students for centuries and has therefore adapted to the students' financial situation. In spite of this, however, living expenses in Tübingen are rather high compared to other German cities.

From our experience, we estimate that students count on at least 250,00 € rent and 400,00 € for other living expenses every month. Students should also set aside 500,00 € at the beginning of the study programme just to get started. Additionally, there is a semester fee of 603,50 € in tuition and administration fees.
More information about the tuition fees can be found here.

Unfortunately, the Department of Linguistics cannot offer any scholarships or fincanial support. We therefore urge students to secure financial support for their studies that will be enough for the duration of study. We do not advise students to count on part time jobs to finance their studies, since both programmes are intensive and time consuming, and students cannot realistically expect to take an evening job without having the quality of their education suffer.

Semester Bus and Train Ticket

The required tuition fees include a contribution for the semester bus ticket. This is valid the whole semester and covers transport fees for all busses and trains within the naldo-area. The remaining fee (about €100,00) must be payed by the students themselves when they pick up their ticket.

In order to make sure that only students receive a semester bus ticket, it is required need to show your student ID and the semester bus ticket section of your student information form (Datenstammblatt). Because students receive their ID and student information form only two to six weeks after matriculation it is possible to buy the first bus ticket without them. However, students must show their notification of admission and deposit EUR 20,00, which they will get back upon producing their student ID and student information form later.

The semester bus ticket can be purchased at the tourist information centre on Neckarbrücke or at the train station in Tübingen. .

Computer Access

The Department of Linguistics (SfS) provides students with two open computer pools between 9am and 5 pm. Students will receive their own SfS account which enables them to access those computers. Additionally, during the first week of the semester, the department will offer an introduction to the use of the computer pools.

The university's center for electronic data processing (ZDV) provides access to a number of different computer pools. The ZDV is located at Wilhelmstr. 106. Opening hours are Mon - Sat 7 am - 4 am (following day) and Sundays from 7 am - 12:30 am. In order to open up an account at the ZDV students will require their card. To receive their account number and password, students must register at the user's office, which is in the same building as the computer pools. However, the entrance is around the corner at Wächterstr. 76. Office hours are Mon - Fri 8 am - 12 noon and Wed also 1:30 - 4 pm.
Tel.: 07071/ 29 - 70220.