Preparing for your Studies in Germany

Registration Office

New students who have just arrived in Tübingen should register at the Tübingen Registration Office. Students will need their passport as well as their notification of admission to register. International students will have to go to the Registration Office for Foreigners (Ausländerabteilung), which is in the back of the building. There they should fill in the white registration form (Anmeldung), a copy of which is required for matriculation. Students who do not have a visa but require one need to apply for a student visa at the same time. Be sure to ask for an application form at the counter! This process will require proof of financial resources for the time of stay (bank statements, letter from parents, proof of scholarship, etc.). Do not forget to extend your visa about 2-3 weeks before its expiration date! This is also to be done at the Registration Office for Foreigners. The registration office is located at Schmidtorstrasse 4. Opening Hours are Monday to Friday from 7:30 till 12:00 and Tuesdays from 12:00 to 18:00.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a requirement for all students in Germany. Usually this entails a membership at one of many public health insurance companies which offer special rates for students. To take out an insurance you need your notification of admission and the number of the bank account to which you want to debit the payments. You will receive an insurance confirmation document which is required for matriculation. About two weeks later you will be sent your insurance card (Versicherungskarte) by mail. AOK Tübingen offers student insurance at about 60 Euros a month. Their office is conveniently location in the Mensa Wilhelsmtrasse, and they are open from 8:30 to 13:00 on weekdays. They can also be reached at 07071/21063 or 07071/914-308

Bank Account

Students will require a bank account in order to transfer their tuition fees and monthly rent to the university. There are several banks in town for this purpose. Once you have chosen one (e.g. Kreissparkasse Tübingen) and opened an account you will immediately be allowed to transfer or deposit money. You will require your passport and letter of acceptance to open the account. The bank will then send a debit cart (EC Card) by post, and you will be able to use it to pay at most shops and businesses in town. In order to pay tuition fees and the like, students will need to transfer money at their respective banks. For this you will require your account number and a transfer application. As there are a lot of expenses to be paid in the first month, students should make sure that their bank account has enough money to cover their tuition fees, security deposit, first month's rent and insurance payment. Opening a bank account is done free of charge.

Important Documents for Matriculation

Most importantly, students will require their passports (and visas when applicable) for matriculation. Furthermore, all the original documents of the student's education (school diploma, university diplomas, etc.) are required At the German/European border students should have their notification of admission ready, in case the officers want to see it. In some, however rare cases, the proof of financial resources for the time of stay is required as well. Students who have already secured housing should not forget their lease. Students will have to take out a health insurance in order to matriculate. If you have health insurance at home take the documents with you. The General City Insurance (AOK, Europastr. 4 or Mensa Wilhelmstraße) will then consider whether your insurance allows for a German insurance verification card. We recommend you to make copies of all your documents (passport, driver's license, plane tickets, etc.). One copy can be left at home to restore lost documents if needed. Remember to buy some Euros before your journey, especially if you need to buy any train or bus tickets in Germany. Most students will have quite a few expenses during the first couple of weeks, like semester fees, security deposit, first month's rent, and insurance payment. Bring a couple of passport photos with you, as they will cost 5 Euro to get in Tübingen. Do not forget your German dictionary. It will be a big help to you during the first weeks. Dormitories are usually fully furnished. Pillows, blankets and even dishes are all readily available. Simply bring your own bedding and other personal things.


Since matriculation and all the formalities that must be settled in Tübingen directly usually take about 2-4 days, we advise students to arrive in Tübingen at least one week before the semester starts. Before you come, call your future landlord about your time of arrival so that you can pick up the key to your room. If you are staying in a dormitory, you can only fetch the key on weekdays before 4 pm. If you arrive at other times, you might want to arrange to stay at a youth hostel in Tübingen until such a time when you can pick up your key. The Office of International Affairs offers an orientation course for international first year students a week before the semester starts. This course clarifies many of the questions you might have. It also serves as a meeting place to make new contacts with other students and to become familiar with life in Tübingen. Registration takes place during the day of the course between 9-12 am in Brechtbau (Neuphilologikum, Wilhelmstr. 50). A low fee is required to enroll. The Department for International Language Programmes (Internationale Sprachprogramme) of the University of Tübingen offers intensive German language courses during August. Students can register between January 5th and June 28th at the summer courses website. The Department for International Affairs (Dezernat für Internationale Angelegenheiten) provides more valuable information for international students.