Principal investigator:            R. Harald Baayen (project leader) 


 Project members:                  Michael Ramscar (senior researcher)                         

                   Denis Arnold (post-doctoral researcher)

                   Peter Hendrix (post-doctoral researcher)                          

                   June Hendrix-Sun (post-doctoral researcher)

                   Koji Miwa (post-doctoral researcher)

                   Fabian Tomaschek (post-doctoral researcher)

                   Karlina Denistia (PhD student)

                   Tino Sering (PhD student)

                   Ben Tucker (external collaborator)

                   Tineke Baayen - Oudshoorn (administration)

                   Ryan Callihan (research assistant BA)

                   Rachel Dockweiler (research assistant BA)

                   Gina Hermann (student assistant)

                   Theresa Schmitt (student assistant)

                   Marc Weitz (student assistant)


Homepage:                             www.sfs.uni-tuebingen.de/~hbaayen/


Project aims   

NDL-Humboldt is a project funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and  the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) that investigates  language processing from the perspective of Naive Discrimination Learning.  


Naive discrimination learning is a computational modeling approach that  exploits the rich co-occurrence information in language form to discriminate  between different meanings.  This project focuses on lexical processing  in silent reading, reading aloud, in listening, and in speech production,  but also branches out to language acquisition, bilingualism, syntax, and  language change.


Presentations:                          NDL-Humboldt Presentations


Publications:                             NDL-Humboldt Publications