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HPSG Gazette
SFB 340, B4 & B8
Greetings from Tübingen

In these pages you will find information about the research and work with Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar, in Tübingen. We present this information from a local perspective, emphasizing our prefered topics of research. For a broader perspective you can find our academic works in the archive pages, where links to the rest of the internet are also available. 

What can the reader expect to find in these pages? One of our goals is to provide an informal overview of the research on HPSG which has been conducted over the last few years. Not only does that include an account of past and current projects, but also a survey of the leading ideas, and the past and present researchers who have been active in HPSG work. Still, much space will be devoted to our software and research findings. 

The pages for "System" and "Archive" above all contain our findings and, accordingly, academic work. Under "System", the reader will find three major implementation platforms for HPSG style grammars, which were partially or entirely developed in Tübingen. We can offer software for downloading and installation on your computer as well as helpful handbooks containing extensive examples. 

The pages for the "Archives" are primarily a medium for current research and are organized to allow quick and easy access. To achieve this, a sub-division has been incorporated into the main archive for the documents of the completed projects B4 and B8 of the Special Research Program (Sonderforschungsbereich, SFB) 340. The projects B4 and B8 were in progress from 1992 to 2000 and laid the groundwork for Tübingen research in HPSG. The HPSG archive of the SFB 340 compiles the most important documents of these projects in one place. These documents range from Masters theses, dissertations and SFB reports, to project proposals and final reports. 

At the core of the archive section is, however, a complete Tübingen online HPSG bibliography. This includes all of Tübingen's publications on HPSG, since the beginning of the projects B4 and B8 of the SFB 340, not only ordered by author but also by topic. The Latex user will have access to Bibtex entries of each item in the bibliography, and will be able to download the electronic versions of those papers, which are not published in books or periodicals. Wherever possible, we have provided links to spring to the web pages of the authors and the online abstracts of numerous papers. Give it a try! 

Aside from the area of research focused in the bibliography, the archive also contains a section with the seven issues of the HPSG Gazette, which circulated from September 1996 to December 1998 and contains a lot of interesting information about the HPSG projects during that time. You can find out what was going on then, what dissertations were being written and much more! 

Have fun discovering Tübingen! 

Last modified: 17.04.2003