Travel Information


Arrival by plane

Stuttgart Airport (STR) is about 40 km away from Tübingen. If you arrive in Stuttgart, you can

Frankfurt Airport is about 200 km away from Tübingen. You can take a train to Stuttgart and Tübingen. Detailled time tables can be received from the German Railway Information System.

by car

If you come by car,
Tübingen can be reached by the main roads B 27 and B 28. The B 27 crosses the A 8 autobahn north of Tübingen; the B 28 crosses the A 81 west of Tübingen.
Here you can find maps of region around Tübingen with short route descriptions: from the A8 or airport to Tübingen, from the A81 north of Tübingen, and from the A81 south of Tübingen.

In Tübingen

Once you arrive in Tübingen, you
can take taxi or bus, or walk to your hotel.
Buses are leaving in front of the train station at the main bus terminal ((Omni-)Busbahnhof). Bus schedules are available here.
Taxis wait between the train and bus stations


How to get to the workshop

The workshop will be held in the "Neue Aula", Wilhelmstraße 7. It is a few minute's walk from the city center. You can also take a bus (lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 17) to the bus-stop "Universität (Wilhelmstraße)". All bus lines start from the Main Bus Station.