Prof. Dr. Walt Detmar Meurers

I teach a variety of courses in computational, theoretical, and empirical linguistics. In addition to my regular courses at the University of Tübingen and from Winter 2001 to Winter 2007 at the Department of Linguistics at The Ohio State University, I have enjoyed teaching summer school courses at ESSLLI and other international venues mentioned below.


Current and Recent Courses



Summer 2022 (University of Tübingen)



Winter 2021/2022 (University of Tübingen)



Summer 2021 (University of Tübingen)



Winter 2020/2021 (University of Tübingen)



Summer 2020


  • research semester


Winter 2019/2020 (University of Tübingen)



Summer 2019 (University of Tübingen)



Winter 2018/2019 (University of Tübingen)



Summer 2018 (University of Tübingen)



Winter 2017/2018 (University of Tübingen)


Summer 2017


  • research semester

Winter 2016/2017 (University of Tübingen)


Summer 2016


  • research semester

Winter 2015/2016 (University of Tübingen)



Summer 2015 (University of Tübingen)



Winter 2014/2015 (University of Tübingen)



Summer 2014 (University of Tübingen)




For courses taught in previous year follow this link.