Kiril Ivanov Simov
Office in Bulgaria:
Linguistic Modelling Laboratory
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Acad. G.Bonchev St. 25A
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tri ushi St. 11, 1220 Sofia, Bulgaria.
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Some Papers
Kiril Iv. Simov and Nevelin P. Boynov.
Conceptual graphs: the structure of the knowldege base and sublanguages.
In Gerard Ellis and Peter Eklund (Eds.)
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Conceptual Structure.
22th November 1994, Melbourne, Australia. 1994.
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Paul John King and Kiril Ivanov Simov.
The Automatic Deduction of Classificatory Systems from Linguistic Theories. (Abridged)
In Christian Retore (editor), Proceedings of Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics.
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1328, pages 248-273. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany. 1997.
26 Pages.
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