Sommersemester 2007

Grammar Formalisms

B.A. Seminar (6 credits)

Laura Kallmeyer, Timm Lichte und Wolfgang Maier

Monday and Wednesday, 11am-1pm, Seminarraum 1.13

Course description

In Computational Linguistics, we can choose between different grammar formalisms as linguistic description devices. The formalisms differ with respect to their suitability for linguistic descriptions, their expressive power and their implementability.

In this course, we will concentrate on Tree Adjoining Grammar, a grammar formalism which at the same time offers a clean account of a wide range of linguistic phenomena and is particularly well suited for grammar implementation and parsing. We will compare Tree Adjoining Grammar to other grammar formalisms used in Computational Linguistics, such as LFG, CCG and HPSG.

For students needing 9 credits, an additional seminar is offered by Stephan Kepser. See here.


23.4. Introduction
25.4.,30.4.,2.5. Syntax in TAG
7.5.,9.5.,14.5. Treatment of linguistic phenomena in TAG
16.5.,21.5. Formal properties of TAG and TAG parsing
23.5. Midterm exam
4.6. Correction of midterm exam 6.6. Extensions of TAG (I)
11.6.  The XTAG system (I) 13.6. Extensions of TAG (II)
18.6. The XTAG system (II) 20.6. Comparisons (I): CCG
25.6. XMG: eXtensible MetaGrammar (I) 27.6. Comparisons (II): HPSG 1
2.7. XMG (II) 4.7. Comparisons (III): HPSG 2
9.7. XMG (III) 11.7. Comparisons (IV): LFG
16.7. XMG (IV) 18.7. Final exam

No session on May 28 and May 30. The sessions on XMG and XTAG will take place in the computer lab.

Course material

Other material

We maintain a list of important references ([pdf][bib]) for further reading. It will continuously be updated as the class proceeds.



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