Paul John King

An expanded logical formalism for head-driven phrase structure grammar

Arbeitspapiere des SFB 340, Bericht Nr. 59 (1994), 24pp.
DVI (121kb); Postscript (660kb) 1-up; Postscript gzip-komprimiert (305kb) 1-up, 2-up.


Though [Pollard and Sag 1994] assumes that an unspecified variant of the formal logic of [Carpenter 1992] will provide a formalism for HPSG, a precise formulation of the envisaged formalism is not immediately obvious, primarily because a principal tenet of [Carpenter 1992], that feature structures represent partial information, seems to conflict with a principal tenet of [Pollard and Sag 1994], that feature structures represent abstract linguistic entities. This has caused many HPSGians to be mistakenly concerned with partial-information specific notions, such as subsumption, that are appropriate for the [Carpenter 1992] logic but inappropriate for the formalism [Pollard and Sag 1994] envisages. This paper hopes to allay this concern and the confusion it engenders by substituting [King 1989] for [Carpenter 1992] as the basis of the envisaged formalism. It demonstrates that the formal logic of [King 1989] provides a formalism for HPSG that meets all [Pollard and Sag 1994] asks of the envisaged formalism. It further shows that the most credible variant of the [Carpenter 1992] logic consistent with the aims of [Pollard and Sag 1994] is not only incompatible with the tenet that feature structures represent partial information, but also an instance of the [King 1989] logic.
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