Frank Morawietz

Formalization and Parsing of Typed Unification-Based ID/LP Grammers

Arbeitspapiere des SFB 340, Bericht Nr. 68 (1995), 77pp.
DVI (362kb); Postscript (1267kb) 1-up; Postscript gzip-komprimiert (275kb) 1-up , 2-up.


This paper defines unification based ID/LP grammars based on typed feature structures as nonterminals and proposes a variant of Earley's algoritm to decide whether a given input sentence is a member of the language generated by a particular typed unification ID/LP grammar. A solution to the problem of the nonlocal flow of information in unification ID/LP grammars as mentioned in Seiffert (1991) is incorporated into the algorithm. At the same time, it tries to connect this technical work with linguistics by giving a motivation drawn from natural language and by drawing connections from this approach to HPSG (Pollard and Sag 1994) and to systems implementing it, especially the Troll system (Gerdemann, Götz and Morawietz forthcoming).
Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft
University of Tuebingen
Wilhelmstr. 113
72074 Tübingen