Tim Fernando

Papers on Dynamic Semantics and Related Topics

Arbeitspapiere des SFB 340, Bericht Nr. 87 (1997), 200pp.
DVI (790kb); Postscript (2433kb)1-up; Postscript gzip-komprimiert (625kb) 1-up .


  1. Generalized quantifiers as second-order programs --- ``dynamically'' speaking, naturally
  2. On the computational significance of consistency: From ordinary to generalized recursion theory
  3. Are boxes just parentheses?
  4. Computational foundations for dynamic accounts of presuppositions
  5. A persistent notion of truth in dynamic semantics
  6. Ambiguity under changing contexts
  7. Non-monotonic consequences of preferential contextual disambiguation
  8. Analyzing ambiguity denotationally, operationally and logically
  9. Labeling representations for effective disambiguation
  10. In conjunction with qualitative probability
  11. Processing ambiguity non-deterministically: A modal logic for disambiguation

Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft
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Wilhelmstraße 113
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