Prof. Dr. Walt Detmar Meurers
Argument raising meets adjuncts-as-dependents and traceless extraction


Kordula De Kuthy and W. Detmar Meurers


Proceedings of the Sixth Int. Conference on HPSG. Edinburgh, Scotland. 1999.
A rather different version of the paper appeared as De Kuthy and Meurers (2000).


Based on a set of examples involving fronted constituents which are partial due to missing adjuncts, in this abstract we sketch how two recent lexicalist theories, the generalized argument raising approach of De Kuthy and Meurers (1998) and the adjuncts-as-dependents, traceless proposal of Bouma, Malouf and Sag (1998) can be integrated into a single theory. Empirically the combination of an argument raising with an adjuncts-as-dependents approach provides a uniform analysis of the full range of partial constituent phenomena since in the combined analysis adjuncts can undergo argument raising to empty a constituent just like complements can. Formally, the integration of the theories highlights the interdependence of argument raising and the methods for licensing unbounded dependencies: In the traceless analysis of Bouma, Malouf and Sag (1989) no empty elements are available to undergo argument raising. As a result, depending on whether a partial constituent has been fronted or is realized in its base position, different structures are licensed.



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