Prof. Dr. Walt Detmar Meurers
From Argument Raising to Dependent Raising


Kordula De Kuthy and W. Detmar Meurers


In Ronnie Cann, Claire Grover, and Philip Miller (Eds.): Grammatical Interfaces in HPSG. Stanford: CSLI Publications. 2000. pp. 97-112.


This paper addresses an empirical aspect of the partial constituent phenomenon in German which has generally been neglected in the literature: the possibility of fronting constituents which are partial due to missing adjuncts.


We argue that a head-movement analysis of these data such as the one proposed by S. Müller (1999) fails to take into account the parallel character of the partial fronting cases involving adjuncts and the more widely studied partial fronting phenomenon where a complement is left behind. Furthermore, such head movement has to be attached to very specific constructions in order to avoid serious overgeneration.


Taking the parallel character of the two partial constituent phenomena seriously, we propose to derive both from the same underlying mechanism. We show that such a mechanism can be obtained by generalizing the lexical argument-raising principle we propose in De Kuthy and Meurers (1998) and (2001) to a mechanism licensing raising of dependents in general. Formally, this generalization consists of integrating a lexicalized selection of adjuncts as proposed in the adjuncts-as-dependents tradition of HPSG (Miller 1992; Van Noord and Bouma 1994; Bouma, Malouf and Sag 2001) into our lexical argument-raising principle.


The resulting theory thus has two interesting aspects: On the empirical side, it extends the empirical coverage of previous HPSG proposals in a way providing a uniform analysis of both kinds of partial constituent phenomena. On the theoretical side, it shows how argument raising and adjuncts-as-dependents as two widely applied HPSG mechanisms can be integrated.



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