Prof. Dr. Walt Detmar Meurers
Towards a Semantics for Lexical Rules as used in HPSG


W. Detmar Meurers


Revised version of the paper presented at the Conference on Formal Grammar, Barcelona, Spain, at the Tübingen HPSG workshop, and the ACQUILEX II Workshop on Lexical Rules, Cambridge, UK, 1995.


We show how a mechanism that captures the functionality of lexical rules can be integrated into the logical setup for HPSG provided by King (1989, 1994) without having to enlarge the logic with a metalevel or extra notions such as defaults. A notation for lexical rules is introduced and a rewrite system is defined to map the lexical rules as specified by the linguist into ordinary constraints in the King logic. We therefore show how a semantics for lexical rules as used in HPSG linguistics can be provided.



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