Prof. Dr. Walt Detmar Meurers
Towards a platform for linearization grammars


Frederik Fouvry and W. Detmar Meurers


In: Erhard Hinrichs, Detmar Meurers, and Shuly Wintner (eds.): ``Proceedings of the Workshop on Linguistic Theory and Grammar Implementation''. Birmingham, Great Britain. 2000. pp. 153-168.


In this paper, we present our ongoing project to extend the ALE system so that linearization grammars can be directly specified. The system has been extended with a parser for discontinuous constituents which takes into account linearization statements (precedence, isolation) which are specified separate from the HPSG theory as such. We sketch the local and global linearization statements we introduced and how they are interpreted.


As motivation for this enterprise, we argue that from a processing perspective the linearization constraints assumed by HPSG-linearization approaches should be separately specified instead of including them on the level of the linguistic data structure. This makes it possible to keep the linguistic data structure small in order to speed up unification and to explore dedicated algorithms treating the linearization constraints as part of a parsing process. Finally, the system will make it possible to compare linearization and non-linearization grammars within the same setup to evaluate their coverage and efficiency.



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