Prof. Dr. Walt Detmar Meurers
    Input Enrichment for English language learners. Supports teachers and learners in finding authentic texts of interest that also suit their language learning goals.

    • There also is a FLAIR prototype for German language learners: FLAIR-DE

  • VIEW
    Visual Input Enhancement of the Web

  • WERTi
    An ICALL prototype for generating activities based on web pages selected by the learner.

    An ICALL system; an intelligent web-based workbook for Portuguese learners language learners.

    A grammar implementation platform.

  • Grammix
    A bootable CD Rom provided by Stefan Müller that contains the TRALE-System and example grammars.

  • ConTroll
    A grammar development system which supports the implementation of current constraint-based theories. (The system is no longer actively developed.)

  • Grammar Formalisms and Parsing
    An on-line course developed within MiLCA.

  • LaTeX tutorial
    The slides for a tutorial on LaTeX for linguists.