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  abstract = {A number of different research subfields are concerned with the automatic
	assessment of student answers to comprehension questions, from language
	learning contexts to computer science exams. They share the need
	to evaluate free-text answers but differ in task setting and grading/evaluation
	criteria, among others. This paper has the intention of fostering
	synergy between the different research strands. It discusses the
	different research strands, details the crucial differences, and
	explores under which circumstances systems can be compared given
	publicly available data. To that end, we present results with the
	CoMiC-EN Content Assessment system (Meurers et al., 2011a) on the
	dataset published by Mohler et al. (2011) and outline what was necessary
	to perform this comparison. We conclude with a general discussion
	on comparability and evaluation of short answer assessment systems.},
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