Introduction to Computational Linguistics
Winter 2010/2011

Course description:

This course provides a non-technical introduction to the field of computational linguistics and its history. We will cover major application areas of computational linguistics including machine translation, information retrieval, information extraction, and computational lexicography. We will also discuss the tools and resources needed for natural language processing and generation.

Course information:




 27Historical Overview, Machine TranslationLocke and Booth (1955),
Jurafsky and Martin (2008)
Nov3Machine TranslationHutchins and Somers (1992), Somers (2000)
 10Machine TranslationKnight (1997)
 17Tokenization and Sentence SegmentationPalmer (2000)
 24Regular Expressions and Finite State AutomataKarttunen (2003)
Dec1Morphological Analysis and Finite State TransducersWintner (2010), Jurafsky and Martin (2009)
 8Midterm Exam 
 15Part-of-Speech TaggingLeech (1997), Jurafsky and Martin (2009)
 22Part-of-Speech Tagging(no new reading)
Jan12Corpus Construction and AnnotationPalmer and Xue (2010)
 19Computational LexicographyJurafsky and Martin (2009), Chapters 19-20.3
 26Information Extraction, ReviewJurafsky and Martin (2009), Chapter 22-22.2
Feb2Final Exam