Johannes Dellert


Here I collect links to some of the projects I contributed to. I also provide some pieces of software that resulted from coursework or little side projects, and which other people might find useful or interesting. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions about any of these projects.

Active projects

  • IWSA (Information-Weighted Sequence Alignment) for automated cognate detection
  • NorthEuraLex, a lexicostatistical database covering 1.016 concepts in 107 languages of North Eurasia (now openly available as version 0.9, next release planned for 2019)

Past Projects

  • MUStICCa, a tool for interactive extraction of minimal unsatisfiable subsets
  • Kahina, a Java-based graphical debugging framework for logic programming and grammar engineering
  • TuLiPA (Tübingen Linguistic Parsing Architecture), a syntax-semantics parsing environment for mildly context-sensitive formalisms
  • lc-parse-gui: a left-corner parser written in Prolog with a Java-based graphical debugger, an early technology demo for Kahina
  • lara: an Esperanto variant of the famous Curt system by Blackburn & Bos, based on dpurc; documented in my B.A. thesis
  • dpurc: an experimental Prolog-based dependency parser with user-definable relation constraints

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