Prof. Dr. Walt Detmar Meurers
Incomplete Category Fronting in German without Remnant Movement


Kordula De Kuthy and W. Detmar Meurers


In: B. Schröder Computers, Linguistics, and Phontetics between Language and Speech (Proceedings of KONVENS 98). Frankfurt a.M.:Lang.


Incomplete category fronting in German has been argued to involve movement of a constituent containing a trace (Thiersch 1985, Den Besten and Webelhuth 1987, G. Müller 1996). In this paper, we show that the two kinds of examples used as key evidence for such remnant movement, partial-VP and ``partial-NP'' topicalization, do not motivate an unbounded dependency theory complex enough to license fronted constituents containing a gap. Formulating an HPSG theory based on lexical principles, we show that these phenomena and their interaction are more appropriately handled by generalizing the argument raising approach to partial VPs of (Pollard 1996).



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