Prof. Dr. Walt Detmar Meurers
On Implementing an HPSG Theory


W. Detmar Meurers





The paper "On Implementing an HPSG theory: Aspects of the logical architecture, the formalization and the implementation of head-driven phrase structure grammars" (Part 2 of SFB report Nr. 58, without appendix)



The appendix of the "On Implementing an HPSG theory"-paper. Contains the complete grammar, the test sentences, and the log of a test-run. (= postscript version of the grammar code)



A bibtex-entry for the "On Implementing an HPSG theory"-paper:

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Grammar code


An ALE grammar covering the phenomena of aux-flip and partial verb-phrase topicalization in the three sentence types of German: verb first, verb second, and verb last. It closely follows the analysis proposed in: Erhard W. Hinrichs and Tsuneko Nakazawa "Partial-VP and Split-NP Topicalization in German: An HPSG Analysis" and "Linearizing Finite Aux in German Complex VPs": (The file includes a large set of test sentences demonstrating all interesting types of constructions.)


Some small extensions to load with the ALE system: (Useful to run the test sentences.)


The log of a test-run of the sentences supplied with the grammar: test_run_log