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License Agreements for GermaNet

For all those who are interested in licensing GermaNet, please have a look at the three types of License Agreements for different applications and users, and decide which type of license is appropriate for you. If you are not sure which type to use, please contact us.

  • Academic Research License Agreement: we offer an academic license to academic institutions for research purposes free of charge. There are no fees, but in order to secure future funding for GermaNet we need to provide information about how it is being used to our funding agencies.
    To obtain a license, please fill out the license agreement and send it to us in an email with the following information, depending on which application scenario applies to you:

    • GermaNet for Academic Research:

      Please send us a description of the intended academic research use, including a URL to the project page if possible. Also make a clear statement regarding your non-commercial use of the data and name any project partners, if any.

    • GermaNet for Student Projects:

      Students who are interested in using GermaNet for a research project or a thesis project should contact their advisors to obtain a license for their academic institutions or departments, since we do not give licenses to individual students. Advisors requesting a license for an individual student thesis or project should include the student's name, thesis/project title and short description, and thesis type (B.A., M.A., PhD.).

    • GermaNet for Classroom Use:

      If you intend to use the GermaNet data for teaching, please provide the course title, instructor(s), and department information. For each course, students and instructors are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to classroom use of GermaNet.

  • Research and Development License Agreement: This license applies to non-academic institutions and research consortia that include non-academic institutions for the purpose of strictly internal research and/or internal technology development. Please contact us for details.

  • Commercial License Agreement: This license applies to non-academic institutions and commercial enterprises for the purpose of internal research and/or internal technology development as well as a non-exclusive right to distribute and market any derived product or service based on the GermaNet data. Please contact us for details.