Prof. Dr. Walt Detmar Meurers

Current Projects:


  • DFG Project "FeedBook: Developing an interactive workbook for English foreign language teaching: Integrating state-of-the-art form and meaning assessment from computational linguistics into a current workbook for the Gymnasium", SFB 833/T1, 10/2016-09/2019.

  • DFG/NEH Project "LangBank: Digital Infrastructure to Support the Study of Latin and Historical German", ME 1447/3-1, 2015-2018.

  • DFG Project "COALLA: Linguistic form and meaning in a COmputational Analysis of Learner LAnguage. On the integration of morpho-syntactic and semantic analysis [Linguistische Form und Bedeutung in einer computerlinguistischen Analyse von Lernersprache -- Zur Integration von morphosyntaktischer und semantischer Analyse]", ME 1447/2-1, 08/2014-1/2019.

    DFG Research Network: Individualized language learning: conputational linguistic approaches and their interfaces [Individualisiertes Sprachlernen: Sprachtechnologische Ansätze und ihre Schnittstellen] ( DFG project page, led by Torsten Zesch)

  • LEAD Intramural Research Grant "Towards Appropriate Reading Material for Bilingual Classrooms (ReBil): Evaluating the role of linguistic complexity analysis and text simplification in authentic contexts". Joint project with Sowmya Vajjala, Kathrin Jonkmann \& Jörg-U. Keßler, 2014––2015.

  • LEAD Intramural Research Grant "Reading Demands in Hauptschule and Gymnasium: A Comparison of the Linguistic Complexity of Schoolbook Texts". Joint project with Karin Berendes, Sowmya Vajjala and Doreen Bryant. 2013-2014.

  • LEAD Intramural Research Grant "Linking linguistic and cognitive measures of text complexity". Joint project with Sowmya Vajjala and Katharina Scheiter. 2013-2015.

  • SFB 833 Project A4
    Comparing Meaning in Context (CoMiC): Components of a shallow semantic analysis. 2008-2017.

  • Kobalt-DaF
    DFG Research Network: Annotation and Analysis of Learner Essays. Converging perspectives on a written corpus of German as a Foreign Language [Annotation und Analyse argumentativer Lernertexte. Konvergierende Zugänge zu einem schriftlichen Korpus des Deutschen als Fremdsprache] (ZI 1204/1-1, led by Heike Zinsmeister)

    Project 6A: Connecting ICALL Research and Development to Foreign Language Teaching Needs

    Multilingual Platform for the European Reference Levels: Interlanguage Exploration in Context
    EU Lifelong Learning project 518989-LLP-1-2011-1-DE-KA2-KA2MP

  • The Education First-Cambridge Learner Corpus: a data-driven approach to second language learning
    as External consultant for Cambridge University.

  • Oahpa!
    as Professor II consultant at the Universitet i Tromsø

  • VIEW
    Visual Input Enhancement of the Web


Completed Projects: